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A woman without a husband or divorced or a widow must not be married until she is consulted, and a virgin must not be married until her permission is sought. I am the servant of Allah and His Messenger. There came the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him and I made a mention of it to him, and he said: Then the Holy Qur'an also makes it clear that this union is not a temporary relationship between two individuals of opposite sexes: Come to the feast, when you are invited. In general it usage refers to marriage. But he the narrator did not say; We were on an expedition.
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Mass Muslim Marriage in Gaza

He then sent her to my mother and asked her to embellish her. If you so desire, I can extend the time of my stay with you, but then I shall have to calculate the time that I stay with you and shall have to spend the same time with other wives. How many persons were there? And if you leave her alone you would benefit by her, and crookedness will remain in her. I fell deeply in love with a boy outside Islam and if I could have, I would have married him at the time. The choice of a partner by a Muslim virgin girl is subject to the approval of the father or guardian under Maliki school. The worst kind of food is at the wedding feast from which one who comes is turned away, and he who refuses it is invited, and he who did not accept the invitation disobeyed Allah and His Messenger may peace be upon him.
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Mass Muslim Marriage in Gaza

This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Sufyan with the same chain of transmitters, but he made no mention of the act of 'A'isha being admitted as a wife in the house of the Holy Prophet. Give a feast even with a sheep. The Muslim should not purchase in opposition to his brother, and he should not make the proposal of marriage on the proposal already made by his brother. A part of the lower garment of Allah's Apostle may peace be upon him slipped from his leg and I could see the whiteness of the leg of Allah's Apostle may peace be upon him. He made a choice for Safiyya daughter of Huyayy b. Zubair Allah be pleased with him stood up and delivered an address in Mecca saying:
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Judaima daughter of Wahb al-Asadiyya Allah be pleased with her reported that she heard Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him assaying: Allah forbears not from the truth. This is an edited extract from 'A Gender Denied: A hadith like this has been narrated on the authority of Habban with the same chain of transmitters but with this alteration that he said: The prophet is reported to have said: He who has anything to eat should bring that. We used to do these two during the lifetime of Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him.
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